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EPS Save-energy automation shape moulding machine


Product description Product description Product parameters

1. Structure of machine frame

1)Frame formwork is made of 4 pcs of guide columns, every guide columns can be independently removed and replaced, so you don’t need to make an disassemble of whole equipment.

2)Adding the Balance guiding system on the movable side, to ensure the parallel degree of movable side running while loading the weight, in order to ensure the mold crack between movable and fixed is equality, so that the thickness and size of identity/one batch mold are same.

2. Main system

1) Steam pipeline system: the steam input of movable use the ways of combined rotary assembly type, which reduce the hose using. The 3-sides steam input system of movable and fixed to ensure the high efficient of steam input, to reduce the steam consumption.

2) Air system: the machine is equipped with air drying degreasing device, to improve the using life of air element.

3) Cooling system: Equipped with condenser and vacuum pump for every machine, mainly use vacuum cooling, and 10s water cooling as an auxiliary, to accelerate product shaping speed, shorter the cooling time & reduce product water content.

4) Filling: have three kinds to choose by customers----Normal pressure filling, Compression filling, Counter filling.

5) Control system

u PLC and touch screen use Siemens brand.

u The controller of steam pipeline valve use SMC electro Proportional Valve.

u Parameter setting and machine operate is simpler.

u When the safe system having fault and safe door is open, the single safety control circuit will cut the PLC output power and working power of AC contactor, so the machine can’t run, which ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

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