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EPP automation moulding machine
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epp machine,epp foam machinery for epp car core part PRODUCTION.
expanded polypropylene foam,epp moulding machine

(1) High quality:

l Standard components (such as valves, control, hose, etc) in machine use imported brand (Germany/Italy/Japan) to improve equipment quality and add using life.

l Whole equipment mechanical frame is welded by 16Mn (High manganese steel Q345), frame thickness, machine strength and machine weight is higher than others.

l Make Zinc spraying layer and spraying plastics layer on the surface of whole equipment frame, which guarantees the best capability and long lifetime for anti-corrosion.

(1) How we can save energy consumption for customer

l Steam system usually equip with four sets of valve system, one set is combined the full digital proportional control valve (SMC) and angle seat valve (Germany GEMU), can automatically adjust the degree of valve open/close by signal, to save energy consumptions, also have a precise control of production energy consumption. While other Chinese suppliers and KURTZ use equilibrium valve and analog control.

l Equipped with condenser and vacuum pump for every machine, mainly use vacuum cooling, and short water cooling as an auxiliary, to accelerate product shaping speed, shorter the cooling time & reduce product water content. Through vacuum cooling, the mold chamber temperature can keep a high temperature when demoulding, to reduce steam consumption and short heating time for next cycle.

l Two valves on two branches on main steam pipe to save steam consumption: when permeation, open two valves together; when moulding, only open small valves as there is no need such a big steam pressure and capacity.

(2) Filling ways : can free switching on PLC system

Normal pressure filling, Compression filling, Counter filling (by pressure difference)

(3) Machine usual hopper types:

(Can be customized too)

Hopper with 16 material tube connections, two hoppers, totally 32 holes (16x2)

Hopper with 25 material tube connections, two hoppers, totally 50 holes (25x2)

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